Assembly Instructions

How do I install the Tops mounting block on my double rod mat fence?

You simply “click” the mounting block onto any crossing point of your double bar mats. This is because our Tops fence bracket with its two curved lugs fits exactly and flush into the space between the parallel double bars. The Tops mounting block is therefore firmly integrated into the fence and cannot be pulled out upwards or slip downwards. Make it smart with just one click!

The prefabricated holes in the Tops mounting block now allow you to continue with your individual work. The fence holder snaps into place to form a firm, stable connection with the fence. Now you can easily attach any material to the double bar mats using galvanized countersunk screws. The element to be mounted is always screwed to the side with the vertical slot in the Tops mounting block so that the bracket and the mounted object can no longer fall out of the fence.

There is one exception when installing privacy boards on both sides. Here, 2 end boards (usually cut to size) can be screwed together with tops before installation on the fence so that the vertical slot does not face the board and both can therefore be clicked into the fence together. These boards can also be removed again by gently pulling on them. This is not possible with the regular screw connection. As the Tops mounting block is made of PU resin, you can create a long-lasting privacy screen yourself: because the fence holders are extremely weather-resistant.

What do you want? What do you want your individual double rod mat fence to look like? Thanks to the practical Tops click element, you can design your picket fence exclusively according to your ideas at any time. Change: horizontally or vertically, just as you like.

Thanks to the specific use of the Tops click element on your double bar mats, you can install any type of privacy screen at any time with precise and stable installation.

Easy installation of e.g. wooden panels in just a few simple steps

A mounting slot in the middle of the fence bracket has a width of 6 mm (or 5 mm) for the vertical mesh bars.

Tops can now be installed in the middle of any intersection point of the two bars within a double rod mesh.

Tops is mainly designed for mounting privacy screen elements made of all conceivable materials (wood,
panel, plastic, WPC, etc.) in double bar fences.

By snapping the fence rods into Tops, a firm, stable connection is created with the fence, on which a screen of your choice can then be placed.

The pre-drilled holes accommodate the screws, with the length of the screws depending on the thickness of the screen.

You can now gradually screw on additional elements without damaging the double rod mat fence. This creates a stable and high-quality privacy screen quickly and easily.

A privacy screen constructed on the basis of a double rod mat fence is more durable than a purely wooden privacy fence, whose posts are also made of wood and are subject to weathering together. With Tops, it will be sufficient to replace individual privacy screens in future.

Installing thin materials, such as advertising signs, has never been easier.

Click the holders into at least four corners of the fence.

Hold the sign in front and drill through the holders at the back.

Insert the nuts into the holder and screw the screws through the sign from the front and tighten.

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